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Big Data Case Study Pentaho 

Pentaho Case Studies 1

THE HEALTHCARE CHALLENGE Type: Case Study Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics Industry: Healthcare A summary of case studies and use case themes across the healthcare industry, including: improving quality of care and patient management, improving resource planning and operations, and improving financial, regulatory and third party reporting. IMS RELIES ON PENTAHO TO EVALUATE EFFECTIVENESS OF INSURANCE TELEMATICS PROGRAMS Type: Case Study Product: Embedded Analytics IMS leverages Pentaho’s end-to-end platform to provide automotive insurance clients expanded analytics including program effectiveness, potential fraudulent user behavior, and other key performance indicators. HOME…

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BUILD A STREAMLINED DATA REFINERY This short paper discusses how organizations can benefit from a Streamlined Data Refinery Architecture, which represents a flexible way to automate delivery of information to large numbers of users for a variety of big data analytics purposes. Type: Whitepaper Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics Industry: Government – Fed & Local

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Why is Healthcare Data Still Difficult to Measure?

Have you had to make an unfortunate visit to the ER and they were unable to locate your entire health history? Or has your doctor mistakenly prescribed you something that you are allergic to? While healthcare organizations have access to more data, they are faced with a number of other challenges that make it difficult to provide consistent quality of care.   In addition to managing growing… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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Gartner Data & Analytics Summit: 2017 Recap – A Data-Driven Organization & Shift to Smarter Analytics

At Gartner’s Data & Analytics Summit this year, Gartner combined both the data integration and business intelligence audiences, which resulted in an outstanding network of attendees (2500+). The number of vendors exceeded 100, ranging from traditional BI tools to data science specialists to more. It’s a clear sign that business analytics isn’t just analytics anymore, and that data has become… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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Dawn of the Predictive Era

Computing is evolving. It’s likely that the forces described by Moore’s Law and Dennard Scaling will mean that many of the ideas that we’ve associated with technological advancement will change. It won’t be about faster, cheaper, and smaller computers in the year 2025; prediction and where we apply it will be the big story. Most readers will be old enough to remember what photography was like in… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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4 Steps to Machine Learning with Pentaho

The power of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) for data access, blending and governance has been demonstrated and documented numerous times. However, perhaps less well known is how PDI as a platform, with all its data munging[1] power, is ideally suited to orchestrate and automate up to three stages of the CRISP-DM[2] life-cycle for the data science practitioner: generic data preparation/feature… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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Ivy Tech – Award Winning Customer Creates a Data Democracy

A BIG congratulations to Pentaho customer Ivy Tech Community College, recipient of the Best Self-Service Analytics Award by Gartner, Inc. through their 2016 Gartner Data & Analytics Excellence Awards. The awards recognize excellence in data and analytics technology to drive best-in-class initiatives. Ivy Tech Community College is Indiana’s largest public postsecondary institution and the… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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German Pentaho User Meeting 2017 Recap

German Pentaho User Meeting 2017 (#PUM17) showcases highly innovative use cases Now in its fourth year, the Pentaho User Meeting (PUM), organized by our German partner it-novum, attracted 130 attendees. Of the 13 presentations, six were use cases, half of which were about companies that have embedded Pentaho. This confirms the trend we are seeing of more organisations embedding analytics into… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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Implementing Hadoop: 7 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Introduction It’s no secret that Hadoop comes with inherent challenges. Business needs, specialized skills, data integration, and budget are just a few things that factor into planning and implementation. Yet, despite all the due diligence, a large percentage of Hadoop implementations fail. We’d like to turn that around. With the goal of helping organizations achieve business value from Hadoop,… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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