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Big Data Case Study Pentaho 

Pentaho Case Studies 1

THE HEALTHCARE CHALLENGE Type: Case Study Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics Industry: Healthcare A summary of case studies and use case themes across the healthcare industry, including: improving quality of care and patient management, improving resource planning and operations, and improving financial, regulatory and third party reporting. IMS RELIES ON PENTAHO TO EVALUATE EFFECTIVENESS OF INSURANCE TELEMATICS PROGRAMS Type: Case Study Product: Embedded Analytics IMS leverages Pentaho’s end-to-end platform to provide automotive insurance clients expanded analytics including program effectiveness, potential fraudulent user behavior, and other key performance indicators. HOME…

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BUILD A STREAMLINED DATA REFINERY This short paper discusses how organizations can benefit from a Streamlined Data Refinery Architecture, which represents a flexible way to automate delivery of information to large numbers of users for a variety of big data analytics purposes. Type: Whitepaper Product: Data Integration, Big Data Analytics Industry: Government – Fed & Local

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Why is Healthcare Data Still Difficult to Measure?

Have you had to make an unfortunate visit to the ER and they were unable to locate your entire health history? Or has your doctor mistakenly prescribed you something that you are allergic to? While healthcare organizations have access to more data, they are faced with a number of other challenges that make it difficult to provide consistent quality of care.   In addition to managing growing… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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Build Community With Digital Data

Being the leader of a community and making decisions to address social and economic challenges may feel like you’re a gambler rolling the dice. You know you have to place bets with no control over how the dice will fall. The gambler analogy represents the uncertainty facing community decision-makers. Uncertainty is a function of multiple factors, many of which are outside their direct control, such as macroeconomic conditions. Of the many worthy ideas on the table, which will lead to a return on investment in terms of liveability (social capital)…

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Using Digital Tools To Enhance Finance Agility

In times of great uncertainty, one of the most effective qualities of the finance organization is agility. Agility means being able to sync up the pace of internal change with that of the external environment. Facing today’s political, economic, and financial market unpredictability, the onus is on finance to turbocharge its agility. The Hackett Group benchmarks show that top-performing agile companies are four times more likely to improve cost under volatile business conditions. They are three times more likely to make important decisions quickly, and twice as likely to respond…

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Supply Chain Risk Managers Must Be Fuzzy, Or Fail

I’ve been eager for the chance to inject the fashionable word “fraught” into one of my blogs for a while, and a recent conversation about supply chain risk presented the ideal opportunity. During an exclusive roundtable at the SAP Ariba Live 2017 event in Las Vegas entitled “Managing Risk in Your Supplier Engagements,” three experts talked about how companies can prevent the worst from happening in a world fraught with stuff that can go wrong. Their message was that companies can use advanced technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics…

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How The World Is Changing, And How IoT Can Change The World

In 2016, the world population surpassed 7.3 billion, meaning the number of people on Earth has doubled in the past 45 years. Furthermore, there’s no end insight to this rapid growth. In fact, it has been calculated that the population is increasing by more than 140 people every minute. This exploding population creates challenges from the perspectives of sustainability and urbanization: The world’s population is outgrowing the available natural resources. If, as predicted, the global population reaches 9.6 billion by 2050, we would, per United Nations figures, require the equivalent of almost three…

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The ultimate tip for your data analytics journey: Get started

Data analytics is rapidly emerging as a key to success in the new digital economy. To capitalize on this opportunity, organizations need to rethink the status quo and invest accordingly. When it comes to organizations and their data analytics journeys, a quote often attributed to Mark Twain seems especially appropriate: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” While data analytics is rapidly emerging as a key to business success in the new digitally driven economy, many organizations are just exploring or in the early stages of their data analytics…

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