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Pentaho’s native integration with the #1 most popular coding language

Due to its simplicity and intuitive nature, the demand to learn Python has continued to grow over the last five years, making it the preferred language for deep learning researchers. How serious is this growth? In 2015, CodeEval determined for the fourth year in a row that Python was the #1 most popular coding language, followed by Java, C++, and Javascript.[1] Python has overtaken French as the… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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Experimental data labs take off 2016

Oracle's #2 big data prediction out of the 10 predictions for 2016 is experimental data labs will take off. With more hypotheses to investigate, professional data scientists will see increasing demand for their skills from established companies. For example, watch how banks, insurers, and credit-rating firms turn to algorithms to price risk and guard against fraud more effectively. But many such decisions are hard to migrate from clever judgments to clear rules. Expect a proliferation of experiments default risk, policy underwriting, and fraud detection as firms try to identify hotspots…

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Turning Your Data Lake into a Streamlined Data Refinery

It’s been over five years since Pentaho’s CTO, James Dixon coined the now-ubiquitous term data lake. His metaphor contrasted bottled water which is cleansed and packaged for easy consumption with the natural state of the water source – unstructured, uncleansed, and un-adulterated. The data lake represents the entire universe of available data before any transformation has been applied to it. Data… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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5 Big Data Favorites from 2015

The past year has marked the continued evolution in Big Data adoption. We’ve seen more and more Pentaho customers successfully putting all of their data to work – driving revenue growth, operational efficiency, and better customer experiences. At the same time, we realize not every organization is at the same place in their data journey.  Some teams are just starting on modernizing their data… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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