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Is It All About The Data Scientist?

The answer is no. It is a holistic, team effort that involves expanding the mind and skill set of executives, business users, IT implementers, data scientists, and application developers to all work collectively to define a strategy and derive newer insight from big data. And that is why EMC is so heavily focused on breaking down organizational silos and training professionals to become data scientists or at least think like data scientists, transforming these individuals into data savvy professionals working towards the same goal – competitive advantage. I spoke to Louis…

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Pentaho for Spark

This week Pentaho announced the native integration of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) with Apache Spark™ enabling the orchestration of Spark jobs will be supported in it’s upcoming release. Spark is a powerful open source processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and machine learning. This PDI integration builds upon previous projects from Pentaho Labs, furthering the type of efforts that… Source: Pentaho BI, Big Data Analytics, Blog Posts –

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