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Big Data Transforms Crash Test Dummies Into Crash Test Virtual Beings

Before the world became digital, the automotive industry heavily relied on dummies, cadavers, animals and even human volunteers to perform crash testing. Thanks to the power of computing, these less reliable physical crash tests are being replaced with more humane and accurate methods such as virtual simulation. But as cars become more complex and powerful, how accurate can simulations predict the injury outcome of a virtual crash? Very accurate with Big Data! Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is an example of an automotive company that leveraged the power of Big Data…

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Dell EMC 

The Human Face of Big Data: What’s Behind the Beauty?

The Human Face of Big Data provides a real story or ‘face’ to the abstract nature of Big Data.  Big Data initially evolved as a technology buzzword focused on transforming IT for business advantage.  But now, we see Big Data also providing unprecedented value in areas such as Health and Wellness, Society, The Environment, Crime and Safety, Government Affairs, and more. The Human Face of Big Data aims to propel ‘Big Data’ from a technology term, to a household term, where each individual relates, sees value, and is inspired to…

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